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France Football: ‘The World’s Best Salaries’ – Where Are Ronaldo And Messi?

Wargeyska caanka ah ee France Football ayaa soo saaray cliiska ciyaartoyga ugu mushaharka badan dunida, kuwaas oo mar kale ay safka hore kaga jiraan xiddigaha xulka qaranka Portugal iyo Argentina ee Cristiano Ronaldo iyo Lionel Messi.

Kabtanka kooxda Barcelona ee Lionel Messi ayaa mar kale kaalinta koowaad kaga soo baxay liiska, waxaana labaad iyo saddexaad ku kala jira Cristiano Ronaldo iyo Neymar Jr.

According to the newspaper, Lionel Messi will earn around € 131 million this year, including his wages and bonuses from Barcelona and his income from advertising.

Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who came in second, will earn around 118 million euros, up to five million less than last year.

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar will make an estimated £ 4.5m from his earnings and will get 95 million of his total salary, bonuses, and promotions.

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Pablo Simeone, the highest-paid player in the world, is reportedly earning around € 40.5 million in wages and bonuses from Atletico Madrid this year.

Next up is Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte, 30 million, and Pep Guardiola, 27, for Manchester City.

The French Football Journal, which began conducting such an assessment in 1999, did not say if a game-related injury caused by Coronavirus would affect the players’ earnings, but only provided figures based on it. pay under contract between clubs and players, contractual bonuses and advertising contracts with companies.

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